Solar Fencing

Our team comprises of exceptionally qualified specialized specialists and a chain of local vendors who offer brief and expert guidance. From initial meeting, framework plan, establishment, commission and administration we guarantee that every establishment lives up to our client necessities and desires with quality and economical.

We have introduced Solar Power Fence System for Domestic and Commercial places in A.P and Telangana and accross the country. Various organizations partnered with us for solar power fencing for their MW and EPC plants to shield from unapproved people and gatecrashers.

Not only industries, We have fixed Solar Power Fence System for Agriculture Farm Lands in different places of India for securing the farms from the animal threat like Wild Boar, Cows, Bison, Sheep, and so forth. We had not just shielded the farming area from animal threat yet with its progressed and latest innovation is securing properties of different Private, Central and State Govt. associations.

We have fixed Solar Power Fence System for different VIP Guest Houses, Industries, Godowns, Residential Bungalows, Group Houses, Resorts and Apartments for security enhancement and prevention of intrusions.

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